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Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Engineer Recruitment agency

The electro-mechanical technicians primarily work in manufacturing industries, utilities, and research and development fields. Their work profile includes the combination of mechanical technology knowledge with electrical and electronic circuits. They mostly work with mechanical and electrical engineers in designing and testing robotics equipments. They are mainly responsible for service, maintenance, installation, operation and repair of unmanned, automated, servo-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment in various industries. Job Granny provides Jobs, Placement & Staffing services in MEP.


The typical job responsibilities of electro-mechanical technicians include

  • Periodical analysis and testing of electro-mechanical equipments.
  • Assemble and align component parts of equipments using power tools, hand tools, fixtures, templates and microscopes. 
  • Accurate and revise distribution of diesel generator fuel, oil and other oil products.
  • Prepare written testing documentation on the basis of analyzed and recorded test results.
  • Repair and fix the base station equipments malfunction.
  • Counter to emergency situations and take necessary steps.
  • Component parts inspection for surface defects.
  • Use of oscilloscopes, bridges, electronic voltmeters and other test instruments for the performance test of electromechanical assemblies.
  • Use of soldering equipments and hand tools to install various hardware and electronic parts.
  • Determine assembly methods and sequences by reading schematics, diagrams, blueprints and technical orders.
  • Fabricate fixtures, fittings, housing and jigs by operating on metalworking machines.
  • Program, develop and test new robots.
  • Provide training to others for use, maintenance and installation of robots.

Electro-Mechanical Recruitment

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Job granny recruits professionals with higher technical education along with expertise in computer application. Candidates must have prior work experience with knowledge of technical maintenance rules. They must have a good communication skill and the ability to work under pressure within limited deadlines.

We conduct a pre-screening procedure followed by interview sessions to select the talented professionals. Our clients expect us to deliver manpower at the earliest possible and we strive to exceed expectation each time.

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R. Sinamatra, Hong Kong
"We are thankful to Job Granny for the excellent service you have provided us in form of long term staffing solutions for our hotels and spas around the world. Irrespective of the country our properties are located in we got talented people when required. Thank you."

Mohd Hussain Al-Ghazulii, HR Manager, Qatar
"We needed 80 workers at a mega construction site in Qatar. We tried 12 recruitment agencies in Gulf, India, Africa before finally trusting the job to Job Granny. Mr Hassan did a neat job in the shortest time period imaginable."


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