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Facilities maintenance technician recruitment agency

A facilities maintenance technician supervises and maintains facilities within a geographical region. He looks after the safety and security systems in a building. He also performs various skilled tasks like carpentry, painting, electric work and masonry. Job Granny is a leading recruitment agency in India serving employers from India and abroad with recruitment of trained and experienced facilities maintenance technician. For more information related to recruitment of facilities maintenance technician, contact Job Granny now.

Facilities Maintenance Technician Recruitment

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Key duties of a facility maintenance technician 

  • Consult and co-ordinate well with co-workers 
  • Perform duties allotted by the facilities manager
  • Keep a regular check on the working of contractors and get work completed in the given time
  • Work as the primary contact for building related issues
  • Ask for bidding and contracts
  • Keep a regular check on transportation and shipment department
  • Respond to building emergencies even during odd hours
  • Perform plumbing and basic electric work if required


Great communication skills are must for a facility maintenance technician. He communicates with workers, contractors, vendors and other employees via written as well as oral means. He must be a team player and utilise team strength to accomplish every task efficiently. 

The job of a facility maintenance technician demands great physical work. He must be physically strong and able to work in extreme conditions. He must not have any physical ailment and should be mentally calm and composed.

For a candidate to serve as facilities maintenance technician must possess an accredited certificate from a reputed university or institute of building maintenance with more than three years of experience as facilities maintenance technician. 

Job Granny, a leading recruitment agency is serving employers from different countries with recruitment of sincere, hardworking and experienced facilities maintenance technicians. Our candidates possess above mentioned qualities are trained to deliver their best. 

For more information related to recruitment of facilities maintenance technicians, contact Job Granny at 0091-11-41359469.


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R. Sinamatra, Hong Kong
"We are thankful to Job Granny for the excellent service you have provided us in form of long term staffing solutions for our hotels and spas around the world. Irrespective of the country our properties are located in we got talented people when required. Thank you."

Mohd Hussain Al-Ghazulii, HR Manager, Qatar
"We needed 80 workers at a mega construction site in Qatar. We tried 12 recruitment agencies in Gulf, India, Africa before finally trusting the job to Job Granny. Mr Hassan did a neat job in the shortest time period imaginable."


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